Prime Time, Jan 15, 2020 | With Ravish Kumar

Govt is doing religious polarization politics, Hindu Muslim, Ram Mandir, Triple Talak, Gaw Raksha, Kashmir Lock-down, NRC, CAA. Don't have guts to face the Protest of the millions of Citizens, except brutal attacks of Police to stop protesters, forced to send jail with false allegations. RSS activist with police in a join hands are attacking common people.
There is big question marks in the activities of Judiciary as well as Supreme Court & human right commission. Majority of Indian Media afraid of asking question to Govt. is this the Democracy?

DSP of police force is involved in terrorist activities & Police is doing Gundagargdi. MLA & MP'S of ruling parties are addressing rallies with Communal speeches. Some where lawyer asking for justice, police asking for protection, now you think what about the common people? so, where is the justice?

The daily life of common people going through a crucial crisis due to economic slow-down & unemployment is in highest level. Where Govt is unable to manage the economy but going to implement unconstitutional NRC, CAA spending huge money. Intellectuals said that our govt is operated by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh ( RSS ). And the ''Agenda of RSS is to make our countrya Hindu Rastra''.


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