Appreciation from the bottom of my writer’s heart…..I’ve Hit 10K LinkedIn Followers !

Thank you to my connections / followers, commentator's, liker’s & viewers worldwide those who supported me in general within this enormously gigantic digital world.

So in saying this I’m delighted to have reached an outstanding milestone of 10,000 + followers on LinkedIn and could not be more pleased. Many thanks to everyone who has liked my page and have shared & / or commented on content & rants. I love engaging with you all!

I hope you all continue to follow me (my *blog bloggermollickmotivateyall also – potentially to be starting soon as a LinkedIn Pro I met with yesterday has advised me that I do start one which was aspiring and motivating to hear – *so stay tuned and watch this space) I am also happy to be advised and receive feedback that my tips and contacts are helping you reach your goals as well. “I’m a big believer in giving and don’t have an expectation to receive. Well that’s your ultimate choice you make….. Yes, we all have choices”
LinkedIn is certainly one of the best professional social networks in the world, with thousands of members on every minute looking hard to find there breakthrough searching high and low to find work and chase their dreams, develop and maintain their network, always expanding to new business opportunities, find and recruit quality talent with real life experience (& contacts in their network to back up and verify a skill-set) and for those that don’t have the skill yet in a particular area or experience to be able to connect meet up and have a coffee and “professionally brainstorm” and look for an avenue to make it happen !!!
You’ve made my year better. And the time since I started blogging (August 2018) has gone by with me feeling great gratitude toward friends and strangers who stop by to read for a while.

You make it all worthwhile.
And a comment… Well, comments – and a chance to engage with live humans – are the chocolate chips in the cookies for blog writers – and writers in general (except, maybe, total hermits).

I’d like to remind you that Gifts from busy people who found that something in what I said catches their interest, entertains, or informs for a moment – a share in the time it takes to be a modern human and a citizen:

Once again a HUGE thank you to my 10,000+ friends, customers and partners who follow me, you are ALL part of my professional journey and "TEAM" = Together Everyone Achieves More !!!

Here’s hoping the rest of 2018 is a great year for you, and all your goal’s / enterprises are successful this year and the next.

Thanks again, you make my days better.


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