VAASTAVIK KANOON : The Anatomy of Mob Lynchings in India By Naveen Chourey

27-year-old Naveen Chourey, an IIT student, has written a stirring poem on mob attacks, which has gone viral. In the poem, Mr Chourey describes the emotions of those involved in mob lynching, including the assaulters, victim and the police, slamming the apathy, hatred and institutional lapses that lead to such cases.

A video of Chourey’s performance has now taken social media by storm.
                                                        MOB LYNCHING EXPLAINED
“I wrote this because I saw that society is going in the direction of mob terror. There is an atmosphere of fear, and in it, hatred is thriving.”

He adds, “It is called ‘Vaastavik Kanoon’ (The Law in Reality) because neither the police nor the eyewitnesses to the lynchings are coming forward to uphold the law.”

“Everyone needs to come together to achieve the goal of countering this hatred. If there can be mob terror, then there can be ‘mob saviours’ as well, people who come together to fight a mob lynching, and prevent future ones from happening.”…Naveen Churey.


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