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Parents and Teenagers Do Not Understand One Another?

Raising teenagers is one of the most challenging aspects of parenthood. During those tumultuous years, adolescents crave independence, and when their parents tell them what to do, they often snap back against displays of authority by yelling, slamming doors, and stomping off to their bedrooms. Most parents are familiar with these communication impasses but have no idea how to handle these meltdowns. Yet, there is hope; new research conducted at the University of California, Riverside may offer parents new insights about how misunderstandings at home affect teens’ problem behaviors. The study also provides some advice on how parents can manage these conflicts. The study, published November 15 in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence, reviewed data from 220 parents and their teens. The researchers discovered that when teens thought their parents’ reactions to their anger was stronger and more negative than their parents had meant it to be, they became even more aggressive. For example, the…

Hindu Nationalist Ideas Will Be Even More Dangerous Now : TIME, 24 May 2019

When the results started trickling in on Thursday showing Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Hindu nationalist BJP government were set for a landslide victory after a divisive and polarizing campaign, I was not shocked. As a journalist, I have covered Modi’s career since his days as the Chief Minister of Gujarat and know his strategies all too well……......Report's By – Rana Ayyub, May 24 2019 in TIME. Yet the defining image of the Indian election results was not of Modi’s speech in Delhi; it was of Pragya Singh Thakur, dressed in saffron robes, waving at a large crowd after a massive electoral victory. Thakur, a Hindu priestess from the northern Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, is best known for being charged under a terror law for conspiring and carrying out the 2008 bomb blasts in a Muslim-majority city of Maharashtra that left 10 people dead. She swears allegiance to a radical Hindu outfit called Abhinav Bharat that aims to establish a Hindu rashtra (state) and the supre…

The Divider In Chief of India : Time

Time is one of the most influential global newsmagazines. It recently came out with an issue with Modi on the cover (20 May, 2019), with the title ‘India’s Divider in Chief’ raising the question 'Can the world’s largest democracy survive another five years of Modi?'

Time had carried a major article at the start of the Modi era, placing him as Modi the Reformer and arguing that he was the best hope for economic reforms in India.

The article in the middle of the heated campaign for the Lok Sabha elections punched political buttons across. It was very critical of Congress President Rahul Gandhi but that did not stop him from tweeting it. However, Modi acolytes pounced on the writer Aatish Taseer. Bharatiya Janata Party spokesperson Sambit Patra stated that Taseer is a Pakistani and nothing better can be expected from a Pakistani.

This is typical of the BJP, creating and boosting the enemy image of Pakistan. Others BJP followers vandalized Taseer’s Wikipedia page adding that he was “…

How To Increase Your Spiritual Energy And Powers

Work at creating channels for the inner spirituality within you to flow outwards. This will add to your charisma and make you a lot more attractive. It will also give your spoken words enhanced power. The special energy unleashed will also work at dispelling all negativeness.
1. ENGAGE YOUR INNER SPIRITUAL Meditate daily to gain inner awareness. Close your eyes to shut out distractions, breathe normally, stay relaxed and then direct your mind to go deep inside yourself. Do this for a few moments each day until you become familiar with the exercise. It will soon help you rest your mind, increase your clarity of thinking, and open the inner depths of your own thought processes to you. 2. UNLOCK INNER WISDOM WITH PURE MOTIVATION Set yourself simple goals and establish the correct motivation for becoming spiritual. It must pure and devoid of hidden negative agenda. The key to using mental power is to be able to establish and maintain this purity, so always check your motives before you begin. …

Why the 2019 election may be the most crucial in India's history

The BJP's ultimate goal is to make the 80 percent of Indians who are Hindus vote according to their religious identity, driven by animosity towards minorities, mainly Muslims. If the BJP succeeds, this would turn India's political character on its head.

Amid waning public support for the government caused by economic failures, the BJP recently took a series of steps to accentuate India's growing religious polarization. It appears the far-right party is trying to secure an electoral victory not by convincing Indians that it will implement a strong social, economic and political agenda, but by fomenting the Hindu majority's prejudices against Muslims and convincing them to vote along religious lines.

The BJP is try to convince the Hindu majority to vote along sectarian lines in the ongoing parliamentary elections. In an estimated 900 million Indians will be heading to the polls to elect their next parliament. In the 70-odd years since India's independence, this will lik…