Bluetooth-Powered Smart Electronic Pill Releases Drugs on Demand

An electronic wireless device that can stay inside the gut for a lengthy period of time has been developed by researchers of an engineering company, MIT, Draper & Havard's Brigham & Women's Hospital. The device releases drugs into the body & measures various parameters.

The instrument has Bluetooth connectivity inbuilt & can share it's reading and trigger the discharge of a drug by the use of a coupled smartphone app.
The swallowable instrument can stay in the body for about a month & it can be manufactured to different specifications since it is 3D printed.

Moreover, it can be programmed so that the measurements that its sensors make can trigger a drug to be administered, allowing for immediate treatment of symptoms of allergies, infections, and other conditions. “Our system could provide closed-loop monitoring and treatment, whereby a signal can help guide the delivery of a drug or tuning the dose of a drug,” said Giovanni Traverso, a researcher involved in a study published in journal Advanced Materials Technologies.

Once the device is swallowed, which initially looks like a pill, its arms, unfold and prevent it from exiting the stomach. After about a month or so, the arms break off and the individual parts of the device can safely exit the body.
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