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How to build strong social network

A social network comprises a group of friends and acquaintances that share similar interests, careers or both. Building a social network online can also mean gaining an audience that will in turn benefit your career or your political clout. Building an effective social network will mean that you will always have contact’s to help you with your personal or career endeavors. In fact, it can help to have separate networks for both. Expand your social network through person-to-person interactions, and keep in touch via social media.
Social media marketing is in essence just two things. Distribution (social networks) and content (media). Get them right and the rest follows. Increased traffic, brand awareness and sales. But creating the content is one thing but making it move is another. That is why growing your social network’s is so important. It puts the power in your hands. That is what excited me when I saw the potential of social for  the first time. Access to a global market in real tim…

How to use Facebook to Promote Your Blog

Adding your blog to your Facebook profile is a great way to promote your blog and drive traffic to it, and there are multiple ways this can be done.
With each method described below, you'll get free advertising for your blog since sharing links is 100 percent free. The method you choose depends on how, exactly, you want to post your blog on Facebook.
Share Links to Your Blog Posts :
The first and easiest way to post your blog to Facebook is to simply share the blog posts manually as status updates. This is by far the easiest and most direct way to advertise your blog for free and share your content with your Facebook friends.
Log in to your Facebook account and find the Create Post section at the top of the page. Type something about the blog post that you're sharing, and then paste the URL into the post directly below your text. Once you've pasted the link, a preview of the blog post should populate below the text box. Note : You can paste a link in the status box with the Ctrl 

5 Signs You Need To Clear Negative Energy - Power of Positivity

You can follow all the rules of Feng shui in the world, but sometimes your home or work surroundings can still feel off. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but there are definitely some bad vibes going on. When we’re under an immense amount of pressure or stress, we tend to bring that negativity into our personal space as well.

Think about the last time you came home after a particularly exhausting and upsetting day at work. Chances are, even your favorite reading chair or that special nook in the couch didn’t look as appealing as it usually does. You were in a funk and just ready to go to bed. This type of energy is expected every now and again. Try as we might, we can’t feel like we’re walking on a cloud of euphoria all of the time. Still, if you find that you’re in constantly seeing the glass half empty and lamenting about it to others, this can make it difficult to forge and nurture valuable relationships. So, what’s your energy like? Do you encourage people to spend time with y…

The Steps to Be a Successful Guest Blogger

If you have your own website, you’ll naturally want to get as much exposure as you can. And although social media marketing is essential – there are other ways to get your name out there – and even get paid to do it, too!
Well, by guest blogging and promoting your blog and business in the process.
But getting your name or content on another site isn’t as easy as it sounds.
That’s why we’ve devised this step-by-step guide to show you how to guest post effectively and grow your audience.
Here are 10 steps to becoming a successful guest blogger. 1. Determine Your Goals
Before you begin devising your guest blogging strategy, you should identify what your main goal is. Do you want to become a well-known blogger and expert in your field? Do you want your content to reach a wider audience? Or do you simply want to get exposure and backlinks back to your site?

If you’re lucky, you will get all three. But if you want to focus on traffic and links to your site, you need to target blogs that have a go…