Unbelievable Women From Around The World

All of those books on how to understand women have nothing about the biological and social facts of the fairer side of humanity. For example, why they live 2–10 years longer than men across the world. Come and get to know little incredible things that turned out to be true about women.

looked far and wide to find some pretty awesome and controversial facts about ladies : Be amazed..
These amazing facts are as follows :
  1. Shocking –
  2. See, that's 7000 words for the average man. Poor us. –
  3. Behind every successful man, there's a woman waiting to inherit it all –
  4. It would be interesting to find out how they would collect the sweat. Wrenching out a cloth maybe?
  5. Chalo chalo, jaldi –
  6. Honestly, I imagined it to be more -
  7. And Hindi movies are responsible for more than half of these –
  8. Not very surprising –
  9. How much alimony do you think she managed?
  10. Ouch. We feel for you, women -
  11. Hey! How's that fair? We also like to taste –
  12. No wonder they know each of the 50 shades of grey –
  13. See, being tall isn't always a good thing –
  14. A moment of silence for that woman's reproductive organ. 69 –
  15. I'm sure the percentage will be higher for men –
  16. Ahem, all those who believe women don't have hearts. Shut your trap now –
  17. Seriously, women. All of you are absolutely gorgeous. Be a little more self confident –
  18. Try this experiment if you're next to a girl. See how many times she blinks in a minute, and then ask her to time yours –
  19. Before we start laughing, I suggest you ask your grandparents how many siblings they had –
  20. A poorly-fitted bra can cause shoulder, neck and back tension, as well as uncomfortable bulges around your breasts. In case you're experiencing any of these, maybe it's time to change the bra –
  21. You don't need research for this. Speak to a girl about her dreams, and she'll have a bunch to tell you. Men won't remember the last time they dreamed –
  22. Next time you hear a fart, check before you start judging the guy in the room -
  23. Worldwide : If A Women earn $200 but spend $300 –
  24. The average women eat 4 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime –
  25. They hate taking risks-
  26. Women are better at reading faces, gestures, and voice tones, which makes them superior conversationalists and social leaders -

These amazing facts and images have been sourced from Indiatimes, Factslides, Quora, Ndtv & Google etc.

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