Looted India & Settled In London…….''Vijay Mallya - King of Good Times''

‘’I met finance minister before I left India, repeated my offer to settle with the banks. That is the truth.’’ As The King of Good Times ( fugitive liquor baron ) Vijay Mallya uttered these words outside a London court on 12th’Sep’2018, where from a blame game ensued.

Congress pinned the blame on finance minister ‘’Arun Jaitley’’ & MP ‘’Narendra Modi’. While BJP went so far as to say that Mallya’s Kingfisher Airlines was in fact Rahul Gandhi’s company that Mallya owns by proxy.

The Fact is both the parties helped Mallya at various stages of his success & crisis. If we go through the details we will found that :
  • Both BJP & Congress helped Vijay Mallya enter Rajya Sabha, with help from JD (S).
  • He was elected to the Rajya Sabha in 2002 (10 April 2002 – 9 April 2009) as an Independent Member from Karnataka with the support of congress & JD (S).
  • He got elected for 2nd term in 2010 (1 July 2010 – 2 May 2016) with the support & backing of BJP & JD (S).
  • Kingfisher Airline Launched in 2005, kept on expanding furiously & piling loans despite making big losses as early as 2009.
  • Banks kept lending him money to rollover Kingfisher’s loans & that, some say wouldn’t have been possible without political support, especially many of these banks were Govt. Owned.
  • A consortium of 17 banks ( Including SBI ) collectively lent over Rs 9,000 Crore to the crisis-ridden airline.
Escape that’s been the focus of politics ever since the disgraced tycoon said that he met finance minister 'Arun Jaitley' in Parliament before he left for London. BJP MP Subramaniun Swamy had already alleged earlier ( and now Congress does too ) that 'CBI' which was probing Kingfisher's financial irregularities, had issued a notice in October'2015 to block 'Mallya' from trying to leave India.

That notice ( Look Out Circular - 'LoC' ) was changed later ( a month ) to ''Report'' when he leaves the country. CBI, said that it was a technical mistake that was corrected.

Curiously, Mallya left India on ( 2nd March'2016 ) the same day banks moved debt recovery tribunal to seek his arrest & seize his passport.

The question is that the undue delay in identifying & reporting such a fraud has jeopardised the cause of justice to the offenders benefit, giving him opportunities to divert funds & destroy evidence as well as leaving the country also.

All of us [ Political Parties, Govt.- Congress & BJP with JD (S), Bank Credit Manager's, CBI Official's] are responsible directly or indirectly whose helped ''Vijay Mallya'' committing such big financial crime ( loot Scoot ) & till helped him to left India & settled ( Abroad ) in London( UK).

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