How to get traffic from social media's to your post or blog ?

Know about the best handpicked ‘Social Media Sites’ to get traffic for Your Blog.
Social Media websites can drive insanely great traffic to your blog if you have a good social  media marketing strategy. But it can drive fair amount of traffic if you just submit blog  posts regularly to your social media profiles.
Social media traffic is as important as organic traffic from search engines as we can’t rely  on Google alone. They continue to push algorithmic updates like Panda, Penguin and who  knows the next could be Giraffe.
It means that we must diversify the way we get traffic. I’m going to list the top social media  and other websites that you shouldn’t ignore or must use as part of your social media  marketing strategy.
I’m  going to focus only on sites that can drive traffic to our websites in one way or the other  and not for building backlinks.
Though the traffic quality of social media can’t be matched with that of organic traffic, it is  still important. It helps us to keep the bounce rate low which is assumed to be one of the  many ranking signals used by Google.

Top Social Networking (& Web 2.0) Sites To Drive Traffic  To Your Blog or Post :

1. Facebook
Facebook has not only transformed the way people  the world over connect, communicate and share  ideas, pictures, videos  and news, it’s made it  possible for businesses to get their products
across to a mass audience in a sensational win-win manner.
With over a billion active users it’s the largest social networking website. Leverage your  Facebook friends and share your blog posts regularly with your Facebook friends and fan  base.

2. Tweeter
Twitter is the second most popular social network (microblogging platform to be more specific). If our content is viral in nature then it can  bring instant massive traffic to our blog/website in no time.

3. LinkedIn
LinkedIn is web’s favorite professional networking  website with over 100 million active users.  LinkedIn’s traffic quality is better than that of  Facebook and Twitter as it is mostly used by  professionals who are looking for job or business  opportunities.

4. Pinterest
Pinterest is the biggest thing that happened  to  social media after Twitter. According to a  TechCrunch article  Pinterest drives more traffic  than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined.
If your blog posts have quality images then you shouldn’t ignore Pinterest. Just pin those  images to Pinterest under the right category and it can send quality traffic to you as  Pinterest users are known to spend more money than Facebook or Twitter.

5. Google+
Google+ is Google’s answer to Facebook. Though   they call it a social network I wouldn’t call it a social  networking website. But that said, it is important to  share your blog posts on Google+ as social signals  are now used to rank web pages.
And that’s not all! As you probably know Google now gives importance to authors (dubbed  as Author Rank). For that they use data from your Google+ profiles. It means that if you’re  popular on Google+ then your blog posts are more likely to be on top.

6. Reddit
Reddit succeeded where Digg failed. It’s not the Facebook or a Twitter that killed Digg,  Reddit killed Digg. If you write content that’s viral in nature then Reddit can send you instant  massive traffic. Just make sure that you use social media timing signals to share the right  content at the right time.

7. StumbleUpon
StumbleUpon is more or less a social bookmarking  platform. It used to send good traffic during my  initial days of blogging. I’m not sure about how  many active users are there on StumbleUpon but  according to Wikipedia they have over 20 million users.
It won’t take more than 5 minutes to share your web page on StumbleUpon and hence it is  worth the try. You definitely don’t want to miss even a single opportunity that can send  traffic.

8. MySpace
MySpace. I’m not sure why this site still exists but I  decided to include the same in this list as it was  once the most popular social networking site in the  world. It even surpassed Google as the most visited  website in the United States in 2006.

9. is not a social networking website but it  can send high quality traffic to your website if you got  interesting blog posts that are original.  & is a great community of bloggers, marketers and other professionals who love  to read and share interesting content.

10. is one of the most popular content curation  tools. It helps you discover new content based on  your interest and you’ll also be able to create your  own boards to add content from your own  blog. The community will be able to follow
your boards and you’ll be able to follow boards by others.
11. Delicious
Delicious is the top social bookmarking website  and has around 10 million active users. Though it  rarely sends traffic, you can still tag your articles  there as the submission is super quick and easy.  allows its users  to  group  link with
the identical topics that can be gathered from the “stack”.

12. Diigo
Diigo is more than just a social bookmarking
website. It’s also a collaborative research and learning  tool that allows people to pool their findings through  group bookmarks, sticky notes, highlights, etc. You  can create new groups or join other groups and  submit your own blog posts and from across the web  to help others complete their research or work.

13. HubPages
HubPages is yet another user generated content, and revenue-  sharing website where you can share your advice, reviews,  useful tips, opinions and insights with hundreds of other  authors. Quality HubPages articles are ranked high on Google
so it can send you traffic if you write and submit good articles to HubPages with links to  your website.

14. YouTube
YouTube is the web’s largest and most favorite  video sharing website. You can share your videos  with over 800 million YouTube users a month. You  can host your how-to videos on YouTube with a  backlink to your website so that people would visit  your website for additional insights whenever they  watch your video.

15. Wikipedia
A platform that  shares over 24 million articles, Wikipedia is by now  the largest place from where you can get  references. Wikipedia can drive quality referral  traffic to your website.
Just sign up as a contributor at Wikipedia and improve the current Wiki pages by editing  the existing pages with reference to your website. Just make sure that your web page is  absolutely relevant to the topic or it will be  marked  as spam by the  moderators at  Wikipedia.

16. Yahoo! Answers
Yahoo! Answers is one of the most popular Q&A  site on the web. Thanks to the millions of loyal  Yahoo! users. There is a category for each subject
on Yahoo! Answers. Just write blog posts on common issues and answer the questions  asked by users with a reference to your website. It will send you good referral traffic.

17. Stack Exchange
Stack Exchange is one of the largest Q&A  communities with over 160 communities that  are created and run by experts. It’s all about  questions and answers and is not a discussion  forum.
Users can vote up or down answers so that the best answers appears at the top. So if you  believe that your blog post will solve someone’s query then you can share it on relevant  threads and hopefully it will get you a lot of upvotes and eventually more traffic.

18. Flickr
Flickr is the largest photo sharing website on the  Internet. You can leverage  Flickr by uploading  interesting photos or  videos  with a Creative  Commons Attribution License. So that people will  link to your Flickr profile and may click on your  links.

19. Storify
Storify is a social networking site that lets you create  stories or timelines using social media posts
from Twitter, Facebook, etc. So you can create social  media posts — fetching content from your blog and  promote the same on Storify to get more visibility.

20.  Blog Engage
Blog Engage is another community of bloggers where you  can submit your blog posts for better exposure, traffic  and of course for backlinks. All the  articles that you  submit goes to their upcoming page and it will be
featured on the homepage when it receives enough votes from its users.
It costs a one-time £19 fee to sign up but you can get a free account by writing about them  on your blog. They also have some subscription plans that offer premium features like  Content Syndication, JustRetweet Bonus, YouTube Video Syndication, etc.

21. Alltop
Alltop features top stories from a variety of sources. So  you can find the top stories from Alltop home, or from  Most Popular page, or from subcategories based on  your interests.
You can suggest your blog after picking a relevant topic
so that they will add your blog to Alltop if it’s approved. Your RSS feed must be active and  there should be enough original content.

22. Triberr
Triberr is a community of bloggers and influencers  where they come together to read and share great  content. Triberr is completely free to use but they  do  have  a  premium  membership  plan  that  costs  & you  can promote  your  posts for only so that your content will stick to the top of your  tribemates’ Tribal streams.

With, you can create lists on almost anything  that you like. Create a list post on your blog and  then use the same data to create a list on  with a backlink to your  blog. The community  members will vote, share, and may even embed  your list on their blog.

24. is a marketplace for infographics and data  visualizations. So  if you have created some  interesting infographics then you can submit there  or if you have the budget then you can hire their  professionals to create an infographic for you.

25. Quora
Quora is a Q&A network but it can drive targeted traffic to  your website if you help others to solve their problems.  Unlike Yahoo Answers, Quora is a quality network and is  used by many influencers so it’s simply not easy to get a  backlink like we get from Yahoo Answers.

26. Instagram
Instagram is not only the hottest photo sharing  website but it’s good to promote your brand as well.  Sign up for an account, add your link in bio, post  pictures & videos, and start following people. But  make sure that you’re posting only relevant pictures  and videos.

27. BizSugar
BizSugar is a small business community for  solopreneurs or entrepreneurs where you can share  your articles, blog posts, videos, podcasts, etc.
You must make sure that your content is related to
small business or entrepreneurship with a catchy title and a relevant description.
When you submit the content it’s added to Recent articles and when it gets enough votes, it  is added to the Popular articles section.

28. JustRetweet
JustRetweet is not a social network but it’s a social  sharing platform to help you to get more Retweets,  Facebook Likes, Google +1s for your blog posts.  When you sign up  at JustRetweet you get 100  credits and you can use that to buy retweets, likes, or +1s.

29. Viral Content Buzz
Viral Content Buzz is another social sharing platform that helps you to get more Facebook  Likes, Retweets from influencers. It gives your content more social love and is search  engine friendly. If your content is epic then it may even go viral.

30. Slashdot
Slashdot is the “news for nerds” website that beeps  us about all technology news. It includes all user-  submitted news and current affairs about tech and
science. So if you’re tech-savvy then you shouldn’t be missing out this site.

31. GrowthHackers
GrowthHackers focuses on high quality growth hacking resources and ethical marketing  tips to help you with your marketing efforts. So if you have got some good marketing  content then you can submit there and it may attract massive traffic.

32. Blokube
Blokube is yet another community for bloggers  that lets you share your blog posts or exchange  ideas and interact with other bloggers.

33. Medium
Medium is not exactly a social network but it’s  a great publish platform to share your long-  form (or even short-form) content. That is, you  can publish interesting articles or can even  republish your blog posts on Medium with backlinks to your blog so that it reaches a wider audience.

34. Tumblr
a micro-blogging platform by Yahoo where you can share anything (from  anywhere!).

35. LinkedIn Publishing Platform
LinkedIn Publishing Platform is now one of the  hottest publishing platform as it leverages  LinkedIn’s massive audience. Earlier, only  influencers were able to publish to their platform  but today, all LinkedIn members are able to publish  their content on LinkedIn. So it’s a powerful new  way to build your professional brand.

36. Facebook Notes
Facebook Notes is now more customizable and it lets you share long-form content and  share it with anyone (whether it’s a small group of friends or everyone on Facebook). So  you can add a cover photo that shows the theme of your note and it also supports photo  captions, headings, quotes, bullets, etc.

37. Facebook Instant Articles
Facebook Instant Articles is a publishing platform that has in-built monetization and  analytics. It lets you create interactive, engaging, and shareable content on Facebook that loads 10x faster than standard mobile web articles and is optimized for mobile. So it’s  a great alternative to

Have I missed your favorite social media or a community website that can drive traffic to our  blog? If so, feel free to mention the same as a comment below! 

Please share your comment's.

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