A global Google Walkout : India to America (एक वैश्विक Google Walkout : भारत से अमेरिका )

Google staffers hit out at co for #MeToo ‘Cover-up’
Thousand of Google workers walked out of offices around the world, including India, to protest how the tech giant has handled sexual misconduct by some of its top executives.

Starting in Asia and spreading across Europe, photos posted with the ‘hash’ tag #Google Walkout began flooding Tweeter as scores of employees gathered outside Google offices in Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Zurich, Dublin, Singapore and London.

A Google spokesperson confirmed to PTI that about 150 employees three of its four offices in India took part in the walkout.

In the US, walkout around the country were beginning at 11.10 am in New York, including at Google’s Manhattan offices and in Atlanta. The employee group, Google Walkout For Real Change, said 47 offices worldwide were participating in the walkout.

The mass walkout was sparked by a recent New York Times Report, carried by TOI in its October 27 edition, that claimed Google gave millions of dollars to some executives in secret exit packages after they were accused of sexual misconduct.

The article said Andy Robin, the brainchild of the Android mobile software, was given a $90 million exit package after the company verified a misconduct claim against him was credible.

On the same day the report was published, ‘Google CEO’ ‘’Sundar Pichari’’ tried to reassure staff saying in an email that the company had fired 48 people without pay for sexual misconduct in the past two years.

Global Google Staff Protest
This wasn’t enough for Google employees, who took to social media to express their fury and arranged the protest, which is called ‘’I Walked out for Real Change’’.

In online photos, Google Employees could be seen making protest signs that read ‘’Respect for Women’’ / ‘’Not Ok, Google’’ / ‘’SPEAK UP SPEAK OUT’’ / ‘’Times up Tech’’ / ‘’No Expectations Code of Conduct’’ / ‘’Don’t be Evil’’ / Policy Should Protect People Not Reputation’’ etc…..BLOOMBERG.
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