''Govt. of West Bengal'' 2018-19 ''Budget at a Glance''

This Budget Publication from Finance Dept' Govt. of West Benagl : ''Budget at a Glance'' presents a broad overveiw of the Budget of West Bengal for the year 2018-2019. It provides important figures, an analysis of receipts & expenditure, sectoral composition of the expenditure, etc.

The documents also provides an insight into macro-echonomic scenario of the state with the support of statistical tables & graphs etc.

Statement :  Budget at a Glance ( Receipt )....Page 01 ( Rs. In Crores)

  •      Graphycal representation......Page 02 ( Rupees in Crores )

  • B. Budget at a Glance (Expenditure)...Page 03 (Rupees in Crores)

  •      Graphycal representation......Page 04 & 05 ( . In Crores )

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Source : Budget Speech & Publication. Govt. of West Bengal.


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