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Drinking too much ? Binge-Drinking ?
Weaker ‘Pleasure Pathway’ Makes Some People Binge-Drink : Study Say’s

Scientist may have discovered why some people are prone to binge drinking more that others.

Going day or weeks without drinking any alcohol, only to make up for it in one night by overindulging, is easy to write off as a lack of will power. However, scientist are now claiming that those of us who engage in such habit could actually be genetically predisposed to do so.

The science behind how alcohol hooks the brain into wanting more has been known for some times : it causes the neurons in the region called the Ventral Area ( VTA ) to release dopamine , the brain's ‘reward chemical.

But now researchers with the ‘Center for Alcohol Research in Epigenetic at the University Illinois at Chicago’ have identified a channel into VTA, called KCNK13, that is blocked by alcohol & as a result, causes neurons to become hyperactive & release more dopamine.

The scientists found that some people naturally have less of KCNK13 channel, meaning that they need to drink more alcohol to feel the same level of pleasure, & could lead to an increase predisposition to binge drink.
The study published in ‘Neuro-pharmacology’ used mice in a range of experiments to test the theory. In one experiment, the scientist genetically reduced the KCNK13 channel in the mice’s VTA’s by 15% compared with normal mice.

The KCNK13 –deprived mice drank 20-30% more alcohol than normal mice.
However, the scientist admit that they ‘’do not know’’ exactly how much more alcohol a person with reduced KCNK13 expression would need to drink.

Another test observed that the neuronal response to alcohol in the VTA region for mice with less KCNK13 compared to normal mice. Neurons of genetically modified mice were 50% less responsive to alcohol than these of normal mice.

The re-search suggest that people may genetically have more or less of this channel in the reward center of their brain. The discovery could prove helpful when it come to treating alcoholism.

‘UK’ researchers defines binge-drinking as consuming more than 6 units of alcohol in a single session for men & Women.
So, Please say no to binge-drink. Live & Let Live.
Thank You. Take Care.

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