Indian’s VIP Culture

Former Lincoln’s definition of democracy : Indian’s government is of VIPs, by VIPs and for VIPs.
Last week , the Madras High Court ordered the National Highways authority of India to separate ordinary citizen from VIPs at toll gates, with a dedicated lane for later. Of course, high court judges are included in the list of VIPs. The court held it to be ‘’disheartening’’ & ‘’very unfortunate’’ that judges are ‘’compelled to wait in the toll plaza for 10 to 15 minutes.’’
NHAI decided to challenge the directive, One might have expected the judges to be rather more concerned that more than a millions of cases have been pending in 24 high court’s across the India for over a decade. According to CJI Dipak Mishra, the total backlog of cases at all levels of the judiciary is a staggering 33 millions! The impact of this delay should weigh a bit more heavily in the minds of the learned judges while they leave matters of administration in the hands of the executive branch of the govt.
What is telling about the directive is the VIP mentality that has become part of the DNA of India’s ruling elite. Contrary to Abraham Lincoln’s famous definition of democracy, India has a govt. of VIPs, by VIPs, and for VIPs. They do what they can, the common people suffer what they must. In the heyday of the European empires, colonial masters ruled imperiously over conquered subjects. During the Raj, the British class system fused seamlessly with India’s caste system to entrench social divisions even more rigidly.
After independence, India proudly declared itself a sovereign democratic republic & added the word ‘Socialist’ in the constitution. The central tenet of the four words taken together – ‘Sovereign’, Democratic, Socialist, Republic – is the sovereignty of the people. Politicians & Officials are their servant. But as in other self – described socialist & communist paradises, India’s ruling elites captured all the privileges while the dis-empowered populace was saddled with poverty, scarcity & general misery.
The elite moved into the newly vacated opulent bungalows of lutyens’ New Delhi, even as the growing mass of the destitute citizens lived in slums that sprang up along the city’s outskirts. Gradually political office become the fastest route to miraculous wealth acquisition & conspicuous consumption. In time the brazenness of privileged behaviour spread to an all-encompassing sense of entitlement as the political & bureaucratic elite , in that order began to act like feudal overloads over citizens.

The more that the quality of public service ( health, education, infrastructure ) decayed & institutions were degraded & corrupted, the greater was the distance between the lifestyle of the closed circle of the elite & the ordinary citizens. Inevitably this morphed into the VIP culture that Indians by & large detest with a depth of contempt, anger & resentment that is difficult for foreigners to fathom.
Source : ‘The Times of India’
Source of Images : 'Google'


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