Spend Quality Time with Your Kids & It’s Important

Spend Quality Time with Your Kids & It’s Important :
Why is it important to spend quality time with your kids?
A fast-paced modern lifestyle often results in less quality time spent together as a family. It is important for parents to spend quality and meaningful time with their kids and bond with them. Family time has a direct impact on a child’s social and emotional development. It doesn’t have to be expensive trips or cool gifts, the important part is just being together and spending quality time together. Here are ten ways how as parents you can spend quality time with their kids.
Creative Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Kid
1. Have a Morning Routine!
Mornings are the best time to spend quality time as a family. Set aside ten or fifteen minutes every morning just for your child and you to do something fun together. It could be anything – folding the blankets together, doing the dishes or arranging something. Something tedious like doing chores will turn into a fun routine that you do with your kid. These little things go a long way and in the years to come, it would turn into something your children would remember you buy.
2. Involve them in your Stress Busting Activities
If your work is something that really puts your nerves to test, the thought of coming home to noisy children would not help your stress levels any further. However, involving them in relaxing activities like yoga or gardening or music would turn into something not only peaceful but also something pleasurable and memorable
3. Go Natural!

Spending time with your children in nature goes a long way in building a lasting emotional connection. If the urban dwelling restricts you from going on hikes or nature trails, simply take your kids to the park. Or grow a sapling in your garden and encourage your kids to water them with you. Concern for the environment and the world around you is an extremely important view to impart to your child, and bonding over nature together brings out these qualities in your children.
4. Happy Meal Time
Mealtimes are often a stressful time because the more you try to keep them away from the kitchen (for the sake of your mental peace), the more resolute they are in their crusade to join you. However, if you can’t beat them, then let them join you! Research has shown that involving children in meal preparations helps in family bonding and togetherness and even reduces behavior problems.
5. Board When They Are Bored!
Rather than giving your child your phone or a tablet to play with, sit down and teach them how to play board games. It is an instant bonding and quickly becomes a family tradition. I’ve seen families that are a formidable force when it comes to a game like Scrabble, Pictionary, Monopoly and many others. This is perhaps the easiest way to bond with your children, playing with and pitting your wits against them. Fair warning, they’re often much wilier than they look and can beat you faster than you expect.
6. Club Activities Together
You don’t have to clear out a separate space in your diary just for “bonding”. It can happen over anything and at any time. Simple things like making dinner while they do their homework (they are in your presence) or doing your chores while they are doing something else.
7. Memory Lane
There are many things that we take for granted these days because of how easy it has become. Photographs used to be a cherished keepsake, back in the day. Today, we take at least 50 of them in a day, but the feeling of awe and happiness they cause still remains unchanged. Take a selfie with your child, or make a one-second video. You’ll be surprised at just how much it would start to mean to you. Years later, it would be something that both of you would treasure.
8. Bedtime Story

There’s nothing to beat a good old bedtime story when it comes to spending quality time with kids. Whether it is a fairy tale or something that happened in your own childhood or a mythological tale or a moral session that’s hidden in the guise of a fun story, sitting by the bed and telling/reading your child a tale is an act that forges a deep bond. This also promotes their wish to read more.
9. Quizup!
Pique their curiosity, instead of fighting it. Don’t wait for them to ask you burning questions, instead shoot questions at them and ask them for reasons. Encourage them to find out why the sun is yellow, why the sky is blue and why cats purr when they’re happy! Also, tell them some small fact every day, and learn something in turn from them. Make small quiz cards, and watch them smile superiorly as they get everything right.
10. “How was your day?”
No matter how tired or stressed you are, or how bad work was, your child has no idea. For them, all they know is that their mom and dad are back home and they can’t wait to tell them about everything that happened. So, give your kids a chance to share ask them about their day and what made them happy, and tell them what made you happy as well.
Try to set aside some time every day or every week in order to spend quality time with your family. This is a great way to make sure no one else schedules other activities during these times. Children who spend good time with their parents participating in activities together build a positive sense of self-worth. Most importantly, family time means you can just have fun and enjoy each other’s company! There are many ways in which parents can spend quality time and bond with their kids. All it takes is some commitment and some great ideas!
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