How Smartphones are making us miserable

''Excessive Use Leaves People Distracted & Drained and Makes Even Eating Less Enjoyable.''

Toronto :

  • ''People who were allowed to use their smartphones during diner had more trouble staying present in the moment.'' Said 'Ryan dwyer' of the University of British Columbia in Canada.
  • ''decades of research on happiness tell us that engaging positively with others is critical for our well being. Modern technology may be wonderful, but it can easily sidetrack us & take away from the special moments we have with friends & family in person'' Dwyers Said.
  • Researchers conducted two studies --- a field experiment in a restaurant & a survey. The restaurant experiments included more than 300 adults & university students in Vancouver British Columbia.
  • Participants were either asked to keep their smartphones on the table with ringer or vibration on or to put on silent & place them in a container on the table during the meal.
  • After eating the participants filled out a questionnaire detailing their feelings of social connectedness, enjoyment, distraction boredome, as well their phone use during the meal.
  • The researchers fund that people who had their phones easily accessible not only use them more, but they also reported feeling more distracted & enjoyed the experience less.
  • The survey portion included more than 120 participants, who were surveyed five times a day for one week & were asked to report on how they were feeling & what they had been doing in the 15 minutes before completing the survey.
  • Result shows that people reported feeling more distracted during face to face interactions if they had used their smartphone. The students also said they felt less enjoyment & interest if they had been on their smartphone.
  • The survey findings were specially notable because of the negative effects of phone use among university students, who are commonly known as Digital Natives. Said '' Elizabeth Dunn'', of University of British Columbia.
  • Another study found that compassionate people spend less time on social media than people  who are more self-centered & narcissistic. In addition, people with lower emotional intelligence, or those who have difficulty identifying, describing & processing their emotions, used social media more often than those who are more in touch with their feelings, according to the study.
  • ''People who are uncomfortable with their own & others' emotions may be more comfortable online.'' Said 'Sara Konarth', Indiana University in the US. report -PTI
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